How I got here

I first got involved in the embroidery business in 1990. After spending a soggy Seattle winter in construction I landed an indoor job doing building maintenance in an embroidery house. Part of my job was maintaining/repairing four 12-head Tajima's, a Melco Star and a couple of industrial sewing machines. At the time I didn't even know such machines even existed , let alone how to fix them. After a year or so I had things pretty much figured out so I applied at the West coast distributor in Seattle (C.H. Holderby/Tajima West) as an embroidery tech. They distributed Tajima, Melco and Brother embroidery machines. I worked there for 13 years installing, training, maintaining and repairing many types of embroidery machines. I also trained people how to use Wilcom, Melco, Pulse and Tajima digitizing programs. C.H. Holderby/Tajima West lost their contract with Tajima late in 2004. In January 2005 I went to work for Hirsch International. At Hirsch I mainly worked on Tajima machines. In 2008 I started receiving training for MHM Automatic Screen Printing machines. In June 2009 there was a lay off due to the economic downturn in the market. There I was, a fully trained technician able to set up complete embroidery and screen printing production lines, train people how to use them as well as maintain and repair them as needed.

So this is where I’m at now. Starting my own company Murray Embroidery Machine Solutions.

Thanks for reading. Hope to hear from you.


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